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Trading Spouses

Meet your new mommy

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This is a community for fans of the new reality show on Fox, Trading Spouses.

Tuesdays, 8/7c.
$50000, 8/7c, al-mela biggins, anthony biggins, beverly levine, brandi cooke, children, chrishara biggins, cole cooke, craig bowers, different families, dysfunctional families, erik bowers, families, fox, hideko nakamura, hudson cooke, jay cooke, jurek pilek, justin levine, katie pilek, katy bowers, kids, lisa bowers, meet your new mommy, molly levine, natalia nakamura, nico nakamura, omar biggins, pierce levine, reality shows, reality tv, samantha pilek, siblings, tammy nakamura, television, trading spouses, tuesday night, tv, yuki nakamura, zach pilek, zikea biggins