kiki (beyond_pale) wrote in trading_spouses,

desperate plea!

I'm moving this weekend, and trying to make a mix cd for my roommate of the theme songs to all "our" tv shows, and REALLY wanted to include some Marguerite Perrin audio. The web is overflowing with video clips, but I have no way of converting it to audio, and only two days to make it work.

Technically, she's not moving cross-country till the end of May, so I have time, but I wanted to give it to her when I leave. The only audio I can find is this bizarre "dance mix," which won't work because (a)techno is LAME and (b) it's simply not as good as the actual rant. Even a single clip or phrase will work. Does anyone have the ability to create or point me to something?

Thank you, THANK YOU!!!
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